With 21 years of going the extra mile, K & L is built on the foundation of founder Russ Gallemore’s original company, a small expedited freight forwarder out of Lombard, IL. At K & L, we are committed to being the pinnacle of service, building relationships based on transparency and trust, and continually developing our best-in-class workforce, all resulting in a differentiated customer experience. Our employees have been cultivated far and wide throughout the industry, bringing diverse talents and experiences together to promote a culture defined by creative thinking, proactive decision making, and unbridled enthusiasm for servicing our customers and drivers alike.

We have spent the last few years adapting to the most recent technological trends, but having been built on the back of an expeditor, our processes and procedures were derived from the outset with the highest level of service being the absolute minimum viable product. With a host of Fortune 500 companies across the entire North American marketplace entrusting us every day with their highly sensitive and time-critical freight, it is imperative that we continually provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that ensure premium service and integrity within the chain of custody. Although technology has enhanced our ability to execute innovative solutions for our customers, it will never replace the fundamental way we approach our business and customer relationships.

So, whether you have a plant line in jeopardy of shutting down and need a critical part shipped across the country, food or beverage products requiring precise temperature control, or are transporting highly sensitive life science products, you can count on our team to do whatever it takes to find the best solution to meet your needs. Service failure is never an option.

It’s the K & L Way.